One of the primary commitments of siëstaparis is the use of linen as the raw material for its clothing; an intentional and caring choice, both ecological and stylistic.
So let's dive quickly into the world of linen to understand the brand's vision; from its exploitation to the end of life of the garment, linen is a perfect material!

in a few points:

  1. It is a natural fiber which is mostly produced in Europe and particularly in France.
  2. Its production requires few chemicals and little water since rainwater is enough for the plant to grow.
  3. Its transformation does not use chemicals but a mechanical technique that requires the use of little water.
  4. Light and soft, it feels great to wear. It has a thermoregulatory function that allows it to be worn all year round.
  5. Its fiber is very resistant. Linen clothes can therefore be kept for a long time!
  6. At the end of the garment's life, linen is totally biodegradable and recyclable.
Siësta Paris clothes are made from “Master of Linen” certified linen fabric. This label certifies that the linen fabric was made 100% in Europe, from cultivation to processing.
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