It's been a few years now that I have started to put (most of the time) this principle to execution. I try to be more reasoned on a daily basis; especially in the way I dress.

Less clothes but clothes made in an ethical way, fair for everyone and for the planet. Buying less in general also means less waste. It is enjoying more and getting tired less quickly of the clothes we have chosen in order to love them and wear them for a long time; a garment that we cherish, that we adapt and re-invent over time or according to the occasion.

I thought of Siësta Paris clothes as versatile, to mix together as well as with timeless pieces that people already have in their wardrobe. A white t-shirt, jeans in which you feel beautiful and strong, a white shirt you may have stolen from your lover's closet or even your favorite swimsuit, the possibilities are endless!

The manufacturimg and choice of materials are also important, such as neat details, a solid fiber and flawless seams that will allow the garment to last over time.

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